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Its been an amazing journey of spreading  joy through the act of reading, which  started by visiting every kind of workplace imaginable… from private offices, bakeries to banks, schools to hospitals and many other locations, until our first physical retail shop. Over years, we have continued to find many loyal customers and business partners around the world.

Ogo Val - CEO

VOG AND WOD BOOKS was founded in 2008 by a book enthusiast, on the principle of making quality books available, affordable and contributing to the reading culture.

With increasing demand for our quality books from various locations around the World, it further made us realize how important improving access to our products is for development of mankind.

Our online store will further promote our “Vog & Wod People Promise”, by bringing products you love, service you deserve, competitive prices and friendship that stands the test of time.

Thank you for partnering and shopping with us.

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