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What do men really want? Wouldn’t you like to know?

Anyone in a relationship with a man has spent time wondering what things “mean”. Men can be confusing. What are they thinking about? Do they mean what they say? And what are they not saying? Is it good that he called instead of texting? What does it mean that he introduced me to his sister but not his mother or his best friend? Why hasn’t he said anything about my birthday yet when it’s two weeks from now?

Finally, a man who understands has written a book to decode men for you. It lets you into a man’s brain and gives advice you can use today to make your relationship better tomorrow. Smith’s fascinating, sometimes surprising topics include:

–The Subtle Art of Hooking Us (men really do want to be in committed relationships, even if they don’t always show it)

–Beauty Matters (but beauty may not be exactly what you think it is)

–Beware of Titles (why you shouldn’t label yourself his “girlfriend” until certain conditions are met)

–Sex is More Powerful than an AK-47 (but it doesn’t always have to be a home run)

–Mean What You Say (and why sex lies are always―always―a bad idea)

Any man who picks up The Truth About Men will nod in agreement, and any woman who puts its insights into practice will have an instantly happier mate and a stronger, longer relationship.


ISBN 10: 1250025117
ISBN 13: 9781250025111
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