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Now in its fifth edition–featuring monthly sonogram photographs and the latest information on genetic testing, multiple pregnancies, diet, and exercise

This reliable and reassuring book by Clark Gillespie, M.D., has provided more than 200,000 women with invaluable technical information and expert advice for a confident and comfortable pregnancy. Now completely updated and revised, it supplements your obstetrician’s guidance by answering numerous common and uncommon questions from “Will sex in the ninth month make my water break?” and “Should I indulge my cravings for french fries?” to “What is an incompetent cervical os?” A world-renowned obstetrician/gynecologist with decades of experience, Dr. Gillespie doesn’t shy away from tough subjects and answers questions that you may not even have known to ask. But he is also a compassionate and authoritative presence offering practical support at a time when many women feel especially vulnerable. Gillespie organizes the book by lunar month. Each chapter of Your Pregnancy Month by Month will address a stage of your pregnancy. And at the end of each chapter, space is provided for you to create a personal diary in which you can record thoughts and feelings, keep track of medications, and jot down nonemergency questions you wish to ask your doctor. For example, Your Pregnancy Month by Month will take you step-by-step through:


  • The first lunar month, in which you’ll learn all about ultrasound and how to select your doctor 
  • The fifth lunar month, in which Dr. Gillespie will discuss immunization, backache and posture, and travel precautions 
  • The ninth lunar month, by which time you’re ready to prepare for your hospital experience and read about the first moments of bonding with your newborn

Informative and accessible, Your Pregnancy Month by Month guides you through one of the most miraculous and wondrous journeys of your life.



ISBN 10: 006095714X
ISBN 13: 9780060957148

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